Holistic Market Research & Consulting Services

FlowMonitor provides market research services utilizing a holistic mixed method approach.  We believe a customer research effort will provide the most value when surveys and live customer feedback are both incorporated into a single initiative.  FlowMonitor’s solutions utilize online surveys to quickly quantify key issues & challenges and live "voice of the customer" feedback to provide relevant context and meaning to the survey data.

We are skilled at:

  • Quickly identifying issues most directly related to your customer experience improvement
  • Engaging your customers via 'creative qual sessions' (e.g., Webinar-style phone/online focus groups, etc.) to share targeted, insightful live feedback
  • Providing you with a clear, in-depth understanding of your customer

Research & Consulting that Produce Useful, Actionable Insights

We will help you:

  • Determine what changes will greatly improve customer satisfaction & loyalty
  • Focus and accurately target your marketing using customer segmentation
  • Uncover what obstacles prevent your Website browsers from buying
  • Create incentives to which customers are most likely to respond favorably
  • Be more effective in any endeavor to improve customer experience

Our Mixed Method Approach – Accessible, Engaging & High ROI

FlowMonitor understands that customer research should be easy to implement, engaging to stakeholders, and provide high ROI.  We endeavor to simplify the entire process, keep costs reasonable, and produce findings that are highly relevant and immediately useful.

Live "Voice of the Customer" Feedback Provides Context to Survey Results

We believe live feedback is essential to gaining a full understanding of customer issues.  Live feedback from your customers will:

  • Reveal the Why’s and How’s behind the What’s identified by the survey
  • Help you understand the motivations behind certain customer behavior
  • Spark creative thinking - listening to customers sound off about your business will often identify new areas worthy of further examination
  • Help increase revenue by understanding directly from customers what specific changes will result in more business

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